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What To Get The Kids?

On this “Cyber Monday” it seems appropriate to examine the always challenging task of Christmas gift selection.  By far, Trista is the most difficult to shop for.  Therefor, her gift...
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Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God, I know we don’t talk much.  Seems like your time is better spent worrying about bigger things than me.  I do always appreciate your willingness to listen.  And...
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Stuck In A Moment

Lately I’ve been focussed on “living in the moment.”  I like the simplicity of it – Less concern for the past and less worry about the future.  Those are attractive ideals...
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Benevolent Bachelors

I recently read a story about a retired WWII veteran who had moved, along with his wife, to Florida.  Their plan was obvious and included typical retirement ideals associated with...
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The End Of The Bachelor?

Could ABC really be considering the end of one of its longest running and most successful television programs? 14 years ago, almost to the day (November 12), I got engaged....
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Indian Summer

Some recent shots taken during the current Indian Summer in Colorado.  The snow will be here soon so we may as well take advantage of the warm days while we...
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November’s Hero List

  The inaugural list of the things in my life or on my wish list.  Enjoy! Source of Coffee – The Indian summer keeps the days warm but the mornings...
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This morning I woke up, took the kids to school and my dog, Sophie, for a walk.  We didn’t go to our usual location but instead headed up high, to...
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Johnny Vail

I have a friend; let’s call him Johnny to protect his identity (though that’s actually his name). Johnny is a member of Vail’s Bravest and one of the best guys...
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The Most Dramatic Election Ever?

With election day less than 12 hours away, I remain conflicted.  For me, there is not an easy choice.  Neither candidate reveals much in the way of Bravery or Kindness....
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