2 Hour Window

Today Max and I got all geared up in our ski clothes and headed to Beaver Creek.  We didn’t take a single run.  Instead we opted for an afternoon of lunch and ice-skating.

Beaver Creek resort offers free parking in their close-in parking structures for up to two hours time.  Presumably this window is meant to provide dining and shopping opportunities to those not wanting to partake in the 1800 plus skiable acres of runs, trails or terrain parks.  For Max and I, it was just enough time to grab a sandwich and hit the ice.

We pulled into the Gerald Ford Center Parking Garage at 5 minutes till 11 am.  It is important to note the time because even one minute over two hours and you are stuck with a $10.00 parking fee.  If you are planning on skating, it is best to go to the far end of the structure and park near the stairs.  They will deliver you just above the ice rink and within easy three-year-old walking distance.  Because the ice does not open until noon (but stays open until 9 pm), Max I has had time for lunch at the Flying Pig Sandwich shop.  The deli is located right by the ice rink and provides great food with relatively quick service.  Be sure to grab a menu and order at the front register before sitting down.  After PB&Js, chocolate milk and an oatmeal raisin cookie, we were ready to hit the ice.

Ice-skating is cheap (10 bucks for two of us), fun and rarely crowded in the afternoon.  Max and I had the whole place to ourselves for almost an hour.  In addition, it is a great change up for kids that not only keeps things fresh but, unbeknownst to them, enhances balance and edging skills.  It’s the equivalent to sneaking veggies into Mac and Cheese.  When we left the ice, Max was already talking about coming back.  We made it to the truck and out the gate with a couple minutes to spare, having had a blast together for a couple of hours and spending only about 25 bucks.

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  2. Glad you’re having such fun. Have always loved you (and Trista) and glad to hear all is well. I love it! Look forward to i pics of youor beautiful daughther and your lovely wife Trista.

  3. What a fun day! These Colorado kids are so lucky to walk out their door and hit the slopes. :) My husband is from Montana, and is so missing the mountains this time of year. Wishing you a snow-filled spring!

    Hi to Trista and the kids! :)

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  5. That is the happiest face on your son!
    It’s the little things that he’ll remember and cherish!
    I just found your blog – what a happy family – which, in turn, makes me happy!


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