2 Hour Window

Today Max and I got all geared up in our ski clothes and headed to Beaver Creek.  We didn’t take a single run.  Instead we opted for an afternoon of lunch and ice-skating.

Beaver Creek resort offers free parking in their close-in parking structures for up to two hours time.  Presumably this window is meant to provide dining and shopping opportunities to those not wanting to partake in the 1800 plus skiable acres of runs, trails or terrain parks.  For Max and I, it was just enough time to grab a sandwich and hit the ice. Continue reading

Day Two

This morning was day two for Max and me.  He had his second day of Ski School and I had my second day up all year.  Max is off to a good start and loving his time on the mountain.  I am off to a slow start but happy to be back on my snowboard none the less.

After several days of new snow, the sun came out today.  The sky was blue, the temperature warm and the weekday crowds were light.   Continue reading

VAIL: A Great Place To Be A Dad

Over the past three weeks I have had the opportunity to sit on the sidelines as Mother Natures continues to dump snow seemingly daily on the White River National Forest and more specifically Vail Mountain.  While I most certainly have missed my time on the slopes, the change of pace has provided additional time outdoors with my kids, enjoying the winter in full on Dad mode. Continue reading

Lesson Learned

Two weeks ago Vail Mountain opened with impressive early season snow totals and the promise of tremendous November ski conditions.  Like every season, I was anxious to get up for a few runs.  After attending a mandatory meeting at the firehouse, I geared up and made the short walk towards the Vista Bahn Express lift and my first turns of the season.  I opted for the snowboard with the hope of finding some fresh snow stashed somewhere within accessible terrain.  It was a nice day, not lonely but not crowded.  The snow looked to be as promised and in great condition.  I took the Vista Bahn straight to Chair 4 and then to Northwoods.  My first run of the season was an easy cruiser to the bottom of Chair 11.  It felt great to be back out on the hill again.  Continue reading