Back to the Starting Line.

On Saturday I’ll line up with about 1700 others in pursuit of the coveted Leadville Trail 100 Belt Buckle.  If all goes well, somewhere North of nine hours in the Mountain Bike saddle, I’ll cross the finish line.  Like previous years, I’ll be fueled to the finish by tanks full of inspiration received from two great organizations, First Descents and GrassRoot Soccer.  Unlike previous years, I’ll have to scramble to refill those tanks in order to begin another adventure just two days later.  This year I’ll be taking on the Gore Tex TransRockies Run with fellow Vail Firefighter, Johnny “I once ran down an antelope” LoFaro.  TransRockies is an approximately 120 mile, 6 day stage running race Beginning in Buena Vista, Colorado and ending in Beaver Creek.  The intent of these events is not only to push my own personnel limits but most importantly to insure that the sources of my inspiration continue to thrive and better the world.  Please check out both organizations and if so compelled, make a donation to my Crowdrise donation page.  If you’re interested in how the events are going for me, return to this blog page over the next couple of weeks to watch my video blogs and read about the races.  Thanks for your time and consideration.

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It is funny how we get to where we are today; the experiences that shape us, the people that influence us.  Major global events and significant personalities, though powerful in the moment, often fade in persuasion as time passes, while small occurrences and ordinary people sometimes possess tremendous power and provide life altering memories.  This is the story of three ordinary people whose extraordinary lives have provided inspiration and urgency and have brought forth what is to this day the most important and difficult challenge of my life. Continue reading