This is Ryan Sutter’s official webpage and blog spot.  Ryan is known for but certainly not defined by his role on ABC’s hit reality television series, The Bachelorette.  He was the poetic firefighter that Trista chose as the recipient of her final rose.  12 years of marriage and two kids later, here we are…  But there is more to the story than that.

Having completed his Masters in Organizational Leadership from Johns Hopkins University, Ryan is charging forward into the second half of his life.  Combining the lessons he’s learned as an NFL football player, Town of Vail firefighter and reality television personality with his inherently adventurous spirit and lust for challenging experience, Ryan has developed a comprehensive platform from which to impart the valuable lessons of his diverse experiences.  Focused on inspiring the qualities of courage and kindness through meaningful relationships and experiences, Ryan’s talks encourage the development of leadership via the constant pursuit of heroic potential.

Contact – For information on Ryan, his talks, scheduling, or for anything else, contact us at anytime.

Blog – Ryan comments on the events of the day with an eye towards inspiring creativity, heroics and an adventurous spirit.  And yes, there will be commentary on The Bachelor too!