VAIL: A Great Place To Be A Dad

Over the past three weeks I have had the opportunity to sit on the sidelines as Mother Natures continues to dump snow seemingly daily on the White River National Forest and more specifically Vail Mountain.  While I most certainly have missed my time on the slopes, the change of pace has provided additional time outdoors with my kids, enjoying the winter in full on Dad mode.

Max, our three year old, started ski school last week.  He attends a class at Beaver Creek with his buddies and has been having a blast.  Watching him experience the joy of skiing is almost as fun as doing it myself.  His instructor, AK, is perfect and teaches the little buggers not only the ins and outs of skiing but also the critical survival basics like carrying your own gear and quickly doffing your ski suit to go to the bathroom.  Max loves it and is off to a great start.  Makes me wish I had started at three years old!  I hope Max will wait for me when we ski together…

When Max isn’t on the slopes, we are usually outside doing something.  In most of those cases Blakesley, 20 months, comes along with us.  Whether we are walking the dogs through the woods, or building snow forts, the kids love to be outside playing.  We’ve been ice-skating, sledding and snowball fighting all over the Vail area!  Some of our favorite places are the Beaver Creek ice rink, for outside skating, or Dobson Arena, for the indoor variety.  We love sledding just about anywhere, but Eagle’s Nest at the top of the Vail Gondola has a great sledding set up that is fun for both kids and their parents.  Snowball fighting, well, that’s fun just about anywhere!

My time off the snowboard is done.  I plan on getting up for some fun tomorrow.  The time away has been a blast thanks to the youthful enthusiasm of my kids and the abundant opportunities for fun up here in Vail.

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